How Sit Stand Desks Make You More Alert and Productive

Sit stand desks, or standing desks, are a wonderful tool for increasing productivity and alertness. And this is in addition to the flexibility to your workspace that they already provide. But how do sit stand desks make you more productive in the first place?

Sit Stand Desks’ Effect on Productivity

A study by British researches found that workers who used sit stand desks were more engaged with their work than non-standing workers. Specifically, the study noted:

“The results also suggest improvements in job performance, work engagement, occupational fatigue, presenteeism, daily anxiety and quality of life…”

So, workers were overall better at their jobs when they used a standing desk intermittently throughout the day. They saw improvements in their psychological health, too!

This is probably because standing up promotes blood circulation and generally forces your body to stay balanced. Because of this, you need to stay alert and awake. After all, it is dramatically harder to fall asleep while standing as opposed to sitting!

Sit Stand Desk Walking

Furthermore, standing up promotes more active behavior like walking and stretching. Those activities increases your alertness and productivity in turn.

And when you are more alert, you can be more productive and feel more fulfilled when you finish the day.!

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Other Benefits of Standing Desks

Sitting at your desk all day can cause severe neck and back pain. That helps to explain why Americans spend billions on lower back pain healthcare each year.

Thankfully, sit stand desks can help to solve that problem for many people!

According to a study by the US Center for Disease Control, reducing time spent sitting by about an hour a day reduced back and neck pain by 54%.

And when your back and neck don’t hurt, it’s far easier to stay productive!

Your flexibility and joint health will likely improve as well when switching to using a standing desk.

Intermittent standing throughout the day as opposed to a totally sedentary lifestyle can unlock lots of significant benefits. And all you have to do is stand!

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Conclusion – Do Sit Stand Desks Work?

Yes, sit stand desks are excellent tools for increasing your productivity and alertness on the job. They can also help with back pain among other potential benefits.

We highly recommend trying out a standing desk for yourself. Not only will you be able to transform your workspace to whatever is comfortable for you each day, your productivity will likely increase to new heights! Thankfully, we’ve reviewed plenty of desks for your consideration, and you can check out some of our favorites here!

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