Best Standing Desk [According to Amazon]

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Is there really just one standing desk that’s the best? Well, according to Amazon, there is!

The VIVO 36 inch Standing Desk is Amazon’s favorite choice for standing desks, and for good reason. Let’s take a look at the features that make this desk stand out!


Not only does this standing desk have great reviews, it is spacious enough to fit two monitors. So if you have a dual monitor setup already, you won’t have to lose it! This allows you to stay very productive while enjoying the comfort of a standing desk.

Amazon customers are very satisfied with the stability of the VIVO 36 inch Standing Desk. Stability is an important feature on any standing desk, as desk wobble can not only make it hard to read a screen while typing, it can lead to monitors tipping over. And no one wants that! Thankfully, that’s not an issue for this desk.

Unlike some standing desks, this desk is easy to setup. It can be ready to go out of the box in less than 15 minutes. That’s not the case with every desk, which may be cumbersome to setup. Thankfully, VIVO has avoided that problem with this desk.

Not a fan of the black version? You can get it in dark wood or white versions as well to match the rest of your workspace!

This desk is also affordable despite its solid all around size and features. That is not always the case with standing desks, which often can be overpriced. Thankfully, VIVO have been able to keep this desk reasonably priced so that more people can enjoy the benefits of a great standing desk!


Of course, every standing desk has its faults.

As with many standing desks, this desk might be a little too small for taller folks if their workspaces aren’t very tall themselves. That said, some taller customers have still had success with the VIVO desk.

However, many problems with standing desk height have more to do with the table the desk sits on than the desk itself. A standing desk that works with one workspace might not be effective in a different one.

Because of this, we’d recommend looking at our guide for picking a standing desk here before making your purchase!

Otherwise, drawbacks are truly minimal with this great desk option!

Conclusion – The Best Standing Desk on Amazon

In short, we highly recommend the VIVO 36 inch Standing Desk.

It’s not the best standing desk on Amazon without good reason. Size, stability, and price make it an all around great option for those looking to purchase a standing desk to improve their productivity and enjoy the potential health benefits of using a standing desk.

That said, if you’re looking for a larger standing desk with even more space, check out the FlexiSpot 47-Inch Standing Desk Converter. You can read our review of that desk here!

Buy the best standing desk on Amazon here: