Top 5 Best Sit Stand Desks

There are an overwhelming number of sit stand desk options out there. It can be hard to narrow down your choice. We hope this review of the 5 best sit stand desks on Amazon helps you in finding your ideal desk!

Before we get into our list, let’s review the amazing potential benefits of standing desks that have caused so many people to fall in love with them!

Sit Stand Desk Benefits

Sit stand desks solve the issue that many people might not realize is what’s causing them problems: sitting down all day.

Research shows that intermittent standing during the day can greatly increase your overall health and productivity.

Some of the major potential health and productivity benefits of sit stand desks include:

  • Reduced Neck & Back Pain
  • Heightened Alertness
  • Improved Posture
  • Better Joint Movement and Flexibility
  • Improved Mood & Energy Levels
  • Increased Productivity

Check out this article to learn more about sit stand desks’ productivity and health benefits!

Here’s a few of our favorite desks that can help you to unlock those benefits:

1. VIVO 36 inch Sit Stand Desk

The VIVO 36 inch Standing Desk is Amazon’s favorite choice for sit stand desks, boasting a rating of 4.6 out of 5 stars with over 1,500 reviews. It is our favorite desk for the same reasons.

Best Standing Desk According to Amazon

This desk is hefty enough to fit two monitors but sleek enough to fit on most work surfaces.

The desk is very stable, party thanks to its well designed base structure. Stability is one of the most important features of any standing desk, and this one has it!

Setup is an absolute breeze, as it is practically ready to go out of the box. It only requires a few minutes of setup.

There also is a 32 inch version for smaller workspaces. We definitely recommend checking out this wonderful desk!

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Otherwise, we strongly recommend this desk, especially for someone new to sit stand desks looking for a great all around option that won’t break the bank.

2. SHW 55-Inch Large Electric Height Adjustable Desk

This is a much larger option than most of the other desks on this list. That’s because the SHW 55-Inch Large Electric Height Adjustable Desk is a fully adjustable table, not just a table-top desk. With 4.4 out of 5 stars across hundreds of reviews, it’s definitely worth looking into.

Large Electric Standing Desk

Even at maximum height, this sit stand desk is very stable.

Being an electric sit stand desk, all you have to do is push a button to raise or lower the desk.

One of the most convenient features of this electric desk is the pre-set adjustment controller. This lets you save your height settings so that you can press one button to quickly return to your preferred heights depending on whether you want to sit or stand. This also helps if multiple people will be using the desk and have different personal preferences.

Most surprisingly, assembly is very easy. Despite having an electric motor inside, this desk comes together very easily. That is not the case for all electric sit stand desks, so that’s a huge plus for this desk.

As with all full table desks, we’d recommend pairing this desk with the MOUNTPRO Dual Monitor Desk Mount Arm. This let’s you hang your monitors on a swinging arm that can be re-positioned very easily. This is a useful perk when moving the desk up and down regularly. It’s not a necessity, but it is a good idea!

While not the cheapest option, it is one of the nicest desks that’s still affordable. We definitely recommend the SHW 55-Inch Large Electric Height Adjustable Desk as our preferred electric sit stand desk option.

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3. Rocelco 19-Inch Portable Desk Converter

Moving in the complete opposite direction, this next desk is a small one that packs a punch. The Rocelco 19-Inch Portable Sit Stand Desk Converter is a easily transportable desk option made for small work spaces and for those who move between work locations frequently.

Mini Portable Standing Desk

With an Amazon rating of 4.3 out of 5 stars, it’s a popular portable option.

At only 19 inches, its small size makes it super easy to move from workspace to workspace. It’s even small enough to fit in a suitcase without hogging too much space! It even comes with its own carrying bag to move between locations with ease.

Best Portable Sit Stand Desk

This desk is not meant for large monitors. It really is meant for someone who wants to bring their sit stand desk along with them to work on something like a laptop.

That said, this desk is a great option for those looking for their first sit stand desk. Its very affordable and convenient to use.

For those reasons, we’d recommend the Rocelco 19-Inch Portable Desk Converter as a top tier portable option.

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4. FlexiSpot 47-Inch Sit Stand Desk Converter

With 4.7 out of 5 stars with well over a thousand reviews, Amazon customers love the FlexiSpot 47-Inch Sit Stand Desk Converter.

Best Sit Stand Desk Converter

The biggest asset of this desk is its size. At 47 inches in length, it can handle two very large monitors and potentially three smaller ones. Size gives you options when it comes to standing desks!

It is plenty stable to handle a lot of weight. This makes it very flexible for those who might have multiple large monitors or who keep a lot of items on their desk.

The keyboard tray is completely removable, a rare feature on most sit stand desks.

The only major drawback of this desk is, ironically, its size. It can be cumbersome to setup since it is heavy. Stability and size come with that drawback! But otherwise, this desk is a solid option!

All told, we recommend the FlexiSpot 47-Inch Sit Stand Desk Converter as a great large desk option.

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5. VariDesk Weighted Base Basic 30-inch Sit Stand Desk

With an impeccable 4.8 out of 5 stars on Amazon, the VariDesk Weighted Base Basic 30-inch Sit Stand Desk has been a hit with its users!

At 30 inches in length, this desk is really meant for 1 larger monitor, though it might be able to fit 2 smaller monitors with relative ease depending on their size.

The weighted base helps a lot with the desk’s stability. Customers are really happy with how stable this sit stand desk, in much part thanks to its weighted base.

Like the FlexiSpot desk, the only real drawback of this desk is its weight. It can be harder to setup because of it, though it is much smaller length wise, so it shouldn’t be too difficult!

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Conclusion – The Best Sit Stand Desks

We hope this helps you in your search for the best sit stand desks on the market.

If you want to take a look at some other great sit stand desk options, be sure to check out our reviews here! There are all sorts of desks that come in many different shapes and sizes, and every workspace is different.

One desk that works in one place might not be the best for another. But every workspace has an ideal one!

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