Best Corner Standing Desks

If work in the corner of a cubicle or office, you might think that fitting a standing desk into your workspace would be difficult. Thankfully, corner standing desks make enjoying the benefits of standing desks feasible even if your workspace is in a corner. Let’s take a look at the best corner standing desks currently available on Amazon.

This list features our two favorite cubicle corner standing desks. Without any further delay, let’s take a look at both of them:

FlexiSpot 41-Inch Cubicle Corner Standing Desk

With a stellar rating of 4.8 out of 5 stars on Amazon, it’s one of the better corner standing desk options available on the market.

Cubicle Corner Standing Desk

The keyboard tray on this desk is completely removable. So, not only is it a flexible option that can be used in a cubicle corner, it has an added layer of customization to fit your exact workspace needs!

One drawback of this corner desk is that it lacks a tablet or phone slot that many other desks have, including the next one on this list.

Being a larger standing desk option, it is a also bit more expensive than a number of other options.

That said, it still sports fantastic overall reviews and great customer feedback. At 41 inches in length, this desk is spacious and can fit two monitors (and then some) with total ease.

We’d definitely recommend the FlexiSpot 41-Inch Cubicle Corner Standing Desk as a great overall option for those looking for a corner desk. But, if you would prefer a slightly smaller and cheaper option, be sure to check out the next desk:

FEZIBO 37-inch Corner Standing Desk Converter

Enjoying a rating of 4.6 out of 5 stars on Amazon, this corner standing desk is an excellent option for making the most out of a cubicle corner.

Corner Standing Desk

This desk can not only fit two monitors with ease, but it has a handy slot for holding up additional items like a phone or tablet. That’s a great plus for those that do a lot of work from their smaller devices! You can easily prop up your device using the slot in front of your monitors.

The desk gives you plenty of range, being able to adjust up to nearly 20 inches in height!

Assembly is quick and easy, only requiring a few screws to attach the keyboard holder.

The FEXIBO desk is more affordable than the FlexiSpot, though it is smaller as well.

For those with a smaller cubicle desk space, this is likely the better option. However, it does not have a quickly removable keyboard tray like the FlexiSpot desk above. While you theoretically could unscrew the keyboard holder, you’d have to completely unscrew it and re-screw it to take it on and off.

In sum, we’d recommend the FEZIBO 37-inch Corner Standing Desk Converter as the better option for smaller desk spaces that might not be able to support the FlexiSpot. It has excellent reviews and is very easy to get started with to start enjoying the benefits of standing desks!


Both desks on this list are worthy of serious consideration for being the best corner standing desk. While the FEZIBO 37-inch Corner Standing Desk Converter is the smaller, cheaper option, the FlexiSpot 41-Inch Cubicle Corner Standing Desk sports greater size and flexibility.

Which standing desk is the “best” for you will completely depend on your actual workspace and what features you would personally prefer. Both are well-reviewed, excellent standing desks that will get the job done. It’s up to you to decide which one would best fit for your workspace!

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