Cubicle Corner Standing Desk Review

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The FlexiSpot 41-Inch Cubicle Corner Standing Desk allows you to make the most out of your workspace. With a superb rating of 4.8 out of 5 stars, it’s one of the better options available on Amazon.


The most noticeable feature of this desk when compared to others is its lack of back corners.

This allows you to prop the desk up against the corner walls of a cubicle or other corner space. There is far less wasted space that way, and it allows you to avoid having the desk hang off the edge of your table!

This desk is plenty big enough to hold two monitors. It’s larger size keeps it very stable.

One potentially very useful perk is that the keyboard tray is completely removable. This gives an extra level of flexibility that can be especially useful in tighter work spaces.

The desk comes almost entirely assembled. All you have to do to finish the setup is add the keyboard tray, which is super easy! You don’t need any extra tools or handyman skills!


One small drawback is that this desk lacks the phone or tablet slot that’s rather common on table top standing desk options. For an example of a standing desk with a phone and tablet slot, check out the popular VIVO 36 inch Standing Desk.

The keyboard tray is a bit on the smaller side, so an over-sized keyboard might struggle to fit easily on this desk.

Additionally, this is a fairly expensive table top standing desk. This partly due to its size (most table top standing desks do not get over 40 inches), but it is fairly pricey in comparison.

That said, the stellar feedback from customers seems to indicate that it is worth the few extra dollars.

If price is of top concern, there are other options. For a cheaper, but also slightly smaller, corner standing desk option, check out the FEZIBO 37-inch Corner Standing Desk Converter. You can read our review of that desk here!

Conclusion – Cubicle Corner Standing Desk

In sum, we’d recommend the FlexiSpot 41-Inch Cubicle Corner Standing Desk as a solid option. While a bit pricier than most, this well-received standing desk has continued to deliver for many users. It’s larger size and flexibility add to a great line of FlexiSpot products.

If you want to take a look at a slightly larger, non-corner option, the FlexiSpot 47-Inch Standing Desk Converter is another great desk. For our review of that standing desk, check it out here!

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