Corner Standing Desk Review

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There are a lot of standing desks out there in every shape and size. But not all of them are well built for the corner of a cubicle, which often is where your computers are.

The FEZIBO 37-inch Corner Standing Desk Converter solves the problem of the cubicle corner. This popular standing desk has 4.6 out of 5 stars on Amazon. Customers rave about its ease of use, the convenience of being able to put it into a corner without sacrificing too much space, and its great price.

Compared to most other standing desks, this desk has a pentagonal shape. This allows it to fit easily into corners in a cubicle or on corner tables up against a wall.

And this lack of back corners does not take away from stability. If anything, being able to prop the desk into the corner of a cubicle will help since the walls can help to keep it super stable! But it still is sturdy enough to hold up large monitors with few stability issues.

Not only can this desk fit two monitors with ease, but it has a slot in the middle for holding up additional items like a phone or tablet. This is not unlike many of the other desks that we’ve reviewed, and it’s a great added feature!

The desk can adjust up to nearly 20 inches in height, giving you plenty of range.

The only assembly required is for a few screws to attach the keyboard holder. This makes set up very easy right out of the box!

This corner standing desk is also very affordable. This makes it a great option for those trying to avoid breaking the bank while still getting the many benefits of standing desks!

Overall, we’d recommend the FEZIBO 37-inch Corner Standing Desk Converter as a great all around corner desk option. Why sacrifice productivity and comfort just because your workspace happens to be in a cubicle corner? Thankfully, FEZIBO’s desk allows you to use a standing desk made specifically for that corner space!

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