7 Reasons to Buy a Sit Stand Desk

Sit stand desks are becoming increasingly popular as their benefits become more widely known. But why would someone want to buy a sit stand desk, or standing desk as it’s typically called, in the first place? What’s all the fuss about? In this article, we go over 7 reasons to buy a sit stand desk and how you can get started with one!

What’s a Sit Stand Desk?

A sit stand desk is a desk that lets you move your workspace up and down so that you can work while standing up!

There are a lot of options out there, but all of them offer the same fantastic benefits. To make your search easier, we’ve compiled a list of our top 5 favorite sit stand desks.

Let’s take a look at some of those benefits now:

1. Reduce Back and Neck Pain

Sit stand desk users reported less back pain after intermittently standing throughout the day in a number of studies. The Center for Disease Control has shown that Reducing time spent sitting by about an hour a day reduced back and neck pain by 54%.

If you suffer from back and neck pain every day after working your desk job, why not give a sit stand desk a try?

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2. Become More Productive

When you are in less pain you can easily become more productive.

Standing up also helps with alertness since your body is forced to maintain balance. By being less sluggish, you can get more done while on the job!

Per the CDC study mentioned above, standing intermittently improves energy and mood levels for many users. Increased energy and improved mood are critical for working more effectively and productively!

3. Keep a Versatile Workspace

With a sit stand desk, you can easily switch back and forth between sitting and standing. If one mode is becoming uncomfortable, you can effortlessly switch to the other.

And the best part is, you don’t have to break your workflow!

Your workspace itself is versatile. It can change to allow for whatever position you would prefer to be in while working.

Some desks, most notably electric sit stand desks, allow you to move the entire table up and down with the press of a button. This keeps your workspace especially versatile and ready to use whether you want to sit or stand while you work.

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4. Improved Flexibility

Standing stretches your calves, hamstrings, hips, quadriceps, and many other muscles that you hardly use while sitting. This can help dramatically with reducing aches and pains that come with sitting for long periods of time. It can also help to strengthen your muscles in general.

Being in a standing position also makes it more likely that you will incorporate office stretches and exercises into your work day. Not only will this help you stay alert, it can help you stay flexible, limber, and healthy.

5. Sit Stand Desks Are Super Easy to Setup

Many sit stand desks come right out of the box assembled. One example would be the VIVO Adjustable 27 inch Standing Desk Converter, which we reviewed here. Many other desks require only minimal assembly, even those with electric motors!

So, all you have to do with many desks is take them out of the box, put them on your workspace, and get to using them! There is no complicated install.

You might even consider getting a portable sit stand desk like that Rocelco 19-Inch Portable Standing Desk Converter. That desk comes with a handy carrying case that you can use to bring it between multiple work spaces.

Portable Sit Stand Desk Benefits

It’s very easy to get started using a standing desk. You might as well try a smaller option if you are unsure about which desk to chose or don’t want to make as large of an investment to start.

6. Make Work More Comfortable

Sitting for long periods of time can become very uncomfortable. The same goes for standing all day.

With a sit stand desk, you can move back and forth between sitting and standing with ease. You don’t have to put up with being in one position all day and can stretch out your legs (or rest them) whenever you want without breaking your work flow.

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7. Sit Stand Desks are Affordable

With so many options on the market, there are plenty of affordable sit stand desks out there.

Whether you need a large desk or a small portable one, there’s an option for you. And there are many with very competitive and affordable prices.

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Conclusion – It’s Easy to Get Started With a Sit Stand Desk

Those were some of the biggest benefits of using sit stand desks. They have transformed many peoples’ work lives for the better, so why not give one a try?

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