Adjustable Height Electric L-Desk

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The SHW 55-Inch Electric Height Adjustable L-Desk is a popular option for standing desk users. With 4.4 out of 5 stars and over 600 ratings, Amazon customers have overall been pleased with the desk.

This desk adjusts the height of the entire table. The controls are very easy to use. With the press of a button, an electronic motor adjusts the standing desk all the way up to 45 inches in height.

Electric Adjustable Height L Desk

This sleek desk can easily fit into a corner to create a fully height adjustable L-shaped workspace. Rather than buy a table top corner standing desk, why not look into getting a completely adjustable table like this desk?

Users are satisfied with how easy the desk is to put together. Even though it is motorized, there is very little to do to setup. Most customers can have the desk up and running out of the box within 30 minutes!

Being a full table design, the stability issues that come with many smaller standing desks are avoided. There is little to no wobble, even at maximum height. That’s a huge plus for those who might have large monitors or computers on top of the desk.

To prevent distractions while working, the control panel screen automatically turns off after a few minutes. You won’t have to deal with annoying flashing lights while working with this desk!

But, if there are any problems with the desk, the company’s customer service is said to be super responsive and helpful! This can give some added peace of mind when investing into a standing desk.

Overall, we’d recommend the SHW 55-Inch Electric Height Adjustable L-Desk for those looking for a larger, full table standing desk. The convenience of being able to hit a button to adjust the entire table is a great feature that many standing desks do not offer. It’s a desk worthy of strong consideration.

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