Smooth Gas Spring Standing Desk Review

Check out of this gas spring standing desk here:

The RIF6 37.4 Inch Standing Desk is a well-reviewed choice on Amazon. With an average rating of 4.8 out of 5 stars, Amazon customers are pleased with this gas spring standing desk.


The best feature with this standing desk is its gas spring lift. The gas spring is very smooth and easy to use. This makes it especially easy to adjust the height. You won’t have any issues with the desk “catching” on its way up or down, which can happen with lower quality options.

This desk is big enough to easily fit two monitors. Or you can use one half for your computer and another half for a notepad. Space gives you options!

And yet another bonus is the tablet or phone slot in the middle of the desk. This lets you prop up your device if you regularly use your phone for work (or if you just like having it in front of you anyways).

Amazon buyers agree that this desk is stable and easy to setup. It can handle a very large monitor without issue.

The standing desk also comes in a 32-inch version if you do not need one this big.


Ironically, one drawback is the tablet slot. This isn’t because the slot itself doesn’t work, but, rather, than not everyone will want that slot there. Some people would prefer a smoother workspace without the device slot, like that of the FlexiSpot 47-Inch Standing Desk Converter, which we’ve reviewed here!

But otherwise, this highly praised desk has very few significant drawbacks! It’s a great affordable standing desk option.

Conclusion – One of the Smoothest Gas Spring Standing Desks

In short, we highly recommend the RIF6 37.4 Inch Standing Desk. This smooth gas spring desk is an excellent option for those looking to unlock the many benefits of standing desks.

Some customers have raved about how this desk changed their life for the better by allowing them to stand up while they work, bringing plenty of positive health and productivity effects with it! Why not give it a try for yourself?

Check out of this gas spring standing desk here: